Product Spotlight: Exploring the Diversified Range of SOPPEC Paints

The team at Spatial Technologies understands that not all aerosol paint products and accessories are created equal. Given the importance of your marking and staking assignments, the quality of paint you select makes a big difference when executing your duties. 

The SOPPEC brand of spray paint we carry is well-suited for survey sites and construction purposes. However, the company offers a wide range of aerosols and painting accessories. Each product is specially formulated for different purposes, from maintaining industrial equipment to identifying various types of trees in the timber industry. 

SOPPEC remains a consistently strong choice for companies everywhere. However, your reliance on the wrong product or paint colour could lead to misunderstandings and wasted time. 

Soppec Spray Paint Is Synonymous with Innovation and Quality

The European company behind the SOPPEC line of aerosols has produced paints, wood maintenance products, and varnishes for professional use since 1963. The company rebranded itself as Technima France in 2010. 

The company's patented unique safety locking cap, known as the "TP Cap," was initially conceived for forestry workers but was eventually adopted by those involved in construction and public works. It revolutionized the industry.

This patented design prevents accidental deployment and waste. Each canister delivers excellent paint diffusion for precise markings in all weather, even during Western Canada's coldest winter days

You want clean, precise disbursement but also a product you won't worry about when it's sitting in the back of your truck. With its locking cap and durable construction, these cans can be dropped from heights of (1.50 meters) and remain intact. SOPPEC aerosols provide reliable single-pass marking with minimal drips and mist, preventing wastage.

A Safer Paint Alternative for Every Industry

The company's extensive product testing has resulted in high-grade formulations that forgo the harmful ingredients contained in similar paints. Not only are the synthetic paint markers we stock the most fluorescent in the marketplace, but they do not contain carcinogenic, mutagenic, or toxic components, making them a healthier option for your crews and the environment.

Whether marking lines on the grass for a sporting event or maintaining a chain link fence, working with an odor-free aerosol is always more pleasant. 

A Good Paint for Daily Use 

The SOPPEC aerosols available at Spatial Technologies offer a quick and convenient method for relaying critical information in a highly visible way. 

Paint marking is the easiest way to signal hazards, direct traffic flow, and assign tasks. This makes the quality of paint and the colour you choose an important consideration, especially when weather conditions are always a factor. 

FLUO TP & Pro Marker (Marking Duration up to 12 Months)

Catering to the needs of professionals involved in land surveying, earthworks, pipework, and construction where quick drying (10 minutes) and marking longevity is essential. SOPPEC FLUO TP is effective on various dry and wet surfaces, including concrete, grass, gravel, sand, and wood. 

Visibility and durability are critical components of high-quality paint, but not all jobs require fluorescent colouring. In such cases, SOPPEC offers its PRO MARKER line to assist those who work on roads and highways, traffic signage, building works, electrical installations, and more. This non-fluorescent product shares the same properties as the FLUO TP but includes brown, black, and white options. 

Shorter Marking Durations

When identifying underground utilities and other assignments with shorter durations (6 months) or less, SOPPEC sells S MARK worksite marking paint in fluorescent and non-fluorescent varieties.

TEMPO TP provides temporary marking situations on protected sites and urban locations (lasting 2 to 8 weeks). A chalk-based option, TEMPO MARKER FLUO, is designed for fast dissipation under the sun's UV rays (one month or less). This product can also be scrubbed away using a water jet or mechanical brushing action. 

Environmentally Sensitive Worksites

Depending on the jobsite, who's working, and its location, your crew may be limited in the types of products you can use. In those cases, SOPPEC offers its HYDRO TP (6-month marking duration), which contains 25% water for an even healthier option than the company's other formulations. 

360° Spraying

Whether working around sewers, mines, tunnels, or other contained spaces, you may require a more versatile paint application for your marking needs. SOPPEC's IDEAL SPRAY offers an easier way to work using the canister's multi-directional valve. 

Which SOPPEC paint will suit your needs best? Contact our sales team today with any SOPPEC questions you may have!

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