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New 2017 Pricing on UAV Accessories and Units

ebee plus Getting ready for the upcoming busy flight seasons?

Spatial Technologies can provide NEW pricing on all UAV accessories and units.

Contact Peter Willis for details.

Trade Up / Trade In Program, Running until May 31, 2017

eBee PlusThinking of expanding your fleet for the coming seasons?

senseFly and Spatial Technologies are offering a limited time trade in/up program until May 31, 2017.

Examples of some great deals: 

  • Receive over $6,000.00 towards a new eBee Plus RTK/PPK with the trade-in of your current eBee platform.
  • Receive over $5,000.00 towards a new eBee Plus with the trade in of your current eBee platform.
  • Many other great offers available for senseFly and non-senseFly platform trade-ins/ups!

Contact Peter for details.

Warranty Options

Do you have a senseFly platform which is still within its first year of purchase?

senseFly is now offering extended warranty options on all platforms. Scheduled maintenance is also available through Spatial Technologies - and is a forthcoming requirement at 100 flight hours to validate warranties.

Contact Peter for details.

senseFly S.O.D.A. - Sensor Optimized for Drone Applications

The senseFly S.O.D.A. is the first camera to be designed for professional drone photogrammetry. It captures amazingly sharp aerial RGB images across a range of light conditions, allowing you to produce detailed, vivid orthomosaics and highly precise digitial surface models. The senseFly S.O.D.A. is supplied as standard with the eBee Plus and is compatible with all eBee platforms.

eMotion 3 Availability

The latest version of eMotion 3 (3.2.2) - now available to download from my.sensefly - now brings eBee and eBee RTK users into the eMotion 3 world. This update is great news, as it brings the benefits of mission block flight planning, a full 3D environment and connection to a growing number of cloud services to a much wider user base.

senseFly Backpack Coming Q2

Introducing a long-awaited new accessory: the senseFly backpack.
senseFly Backpack
This custom-designed solution is lightweight (6kg), rugged, and perfect for customers whose projects require them to work from off-road locations. The backpack is designed mainly to house the eBee Plus and eBee SQ, however it is also compatible with the eBee and eBee RTK. 

The main bag holds: one drone body, two pairs of wings, and two battery chargers. Its detachable top compartment, which is perfect for hold luggage, holds: up to six batteries, a laptop or tablet, and the drone’s radio modem, camera and cables.

senseFly Backpack As a backpack, this accessory obviously includes two back straps. Plus, it has four suitcase-style wheels on the base for wheeling across flat surfaces.

Contact Peter for details.

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