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senseFly Corridor: Linear Drone Mapping Made Simple

Introducing the senseFly Corridor, this platform enhancement combines hardware and software to create a solution that simplifies drone mapping of linear infrastructure and sites. 


The senseFly Corridor includes:

  • a camera integration kit, which houses the senseFly S.O.D.A. in a longitudinal (portrait) position, and
  • a new corridor mapping ‘mission block’ within senseFly’s eMotion 3 ground station software.


senseFly Corridor is compatible with any eBee Plus or eBee RTK drone that carries a senseFly S.O.D.A. camera.

Benefits of senseFly Corridor: 

1. Better ground resolutions: A vertical camera position allows you to fly closer to the ground, while still achieving the image overlaps you require. Flying lower, results in better ground resolution (down to 1.5 cm per pixel).

2. Fewer images = shorter processing times: senseFly Corridor can map the same linear route as a landscape-position drone, while using 30% fewer images, which means 30% shorter image processing times after a flight.

3. Makes corridor mapping easy: eMotion 3’s Corridor Mapping mission block makes linear mapping jobs even easier. Simply load a KML, shape file or background map; define your target corridor and specify the corridor width and ground resolution you require.

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