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Vivax VM-560

Vivax VM-560

Vivax VM-560

Product Description

The VM-560 pipe and cable locator is general purpose locators used to detect buried pipe and cable services in a variety of situations. The VM-560 has achieved a compact and lightweight design without compromising strength and performance.

With a choice of passive power locating and active 8kHz and 480kHz frequencies the VM-560 is designed to meet the requirements of those wishing to detect the presence of active power cables and also wishing to trace short ranges. It is particularly useful in helping to detect and trace short distance drop wires.

The VM-560 transmitter can supply a very useful 1 watt signal power. Signal application can be either direct connection or, if there is no access point, Induction. With the addition of the optional signal clamp the VM-560 transmitter can be applied to the target line no matter what the situation.

The VM-560 is a high frequency option of the VM-550. It’s high frequency mode is set to 480kHz and is very useful for tracing short drops that are not grounded. Additionally it will help in those difficult situations where buried cast iron pipes have corroded causing the joints to be high resistance. The high frequency VM-560 will jump these joints helping to energise greater lengths of pipe.

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