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RAC Plus I & RAC Geo II

RAC Plus I & RAC Geo II

RAC Plus I & RAC Geo II

Product Description

RAC Series

For 20 years, JAMAR has set the standard in vehicle installed Distance Measuring Instruments. These cost effective DMIs allow your field personnel to measure distance as they drive, accurate up to 1 foot per mile. Much safer and more cost effective than using the old ‘Hand-Wheel’. Users of JAMAR DMIs have come to appreciate their accuracy and reliability across a wide range of applications.
Vehicle Installed Distance Measuring Instruments

Accurate, reliable and easy to operate, our RAC units are THE BEST distance measuring instruments (DMIs) on the
market. These cost-effective units save time and money by allowing personnel to measure distance, accurate up to 1 foot
per mile, while driving as fast or slow as necessary. Results can be read directly off the DMI’s display.

Much safer than the old ‘Hand-Wheel’, these units will pay for themselves in increased productivity in a matter of days.

Using either the RAC Geo’s on-board GPS distance sensor, or an external Distance Sensor, the RAC DMIs provide you
with the best combination of accuracy and convenience

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