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Oscar GNSS Receiver “Ultimate” – Base or Rover

Oscar GNSS Receiver “Ultimate” – Base or Rover

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Product Description

Empowered by a high-precision inertial measurement unit (IMU), the Oscar GNSS receiver
provides an unprecedented level of efficiency and flexibility. The calibration-free tilt
compensation is immune to magnetic disturbances, giving surveyors unmatched accuracy in
their work. Not having to level the pole means increased speed and efficiency while still
maintaining accuracy. The Oscar GNSS Receiver can provide high accuracy and stable signal
detection thanks to its internal, multi-constellation/multi-frequency board.

Oscar’s built-in high-performance antenna can speed up the-time-to-first-fix (TTFF) and
improve anti-jamming performance. With a Nano-SIM card inserted in Oscar, it can transmit
and receive correction data through a 4G/WiFi network. The built-in UHF radio module
supports long-distance communication. Two detachable batteries support up to 16 hours In RTK
mode and display power levels. The rugged housing protects the equipment from harsh
environments. The 1.54-inch interactive screen makes configuration easy.

Base Oscar
Rover Oscar

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