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Oscar GNSS Receiver “Advanced” – Base or Rover

Oscar GNSS Receiver “Advanced” – Base or Rover

oscar advanced

Product Description

Oscar, a high-performance GNSS receiver that has an internal multi-constellation and multi-
frequency board. It’s designed to be lightweight and compact while still providing the owner
with accurate signal detection for surveying purposes anywhere in the world!

  • Supports 576 channels, track more than 50 satellites
  • Two batteries support up to 16 hours of fieldwork in RTK mode
  • The rugged housing protects the equipment from harsh environments.
  • Various working modes, RTK Rover, Base, Static
  • The built-in UHF 410-470MHz UHF radio supports long-distance communication.
  • transmit and receive correction data through a 4G/WiFi network

1.54” OLED Display
Satellite, Static, Correction Data, Power LED Indicators
No (IMU) Tilt
16 GB Memory
Two-year Warranty

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Rover Item List

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