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Leica TruView Global

Leica TruView Global

Product Description

Anywhere, anytime, any device

Does your organisation utilize laser scan point clouds or plan to utilise point clouds as a part of your ongoing projects? If so you’ll realise the value of being able to share that point cloud data with the widest possible audience of personnel who could benefit from that information but maybe don’t have an in-depth CAD or 3D point cloud background or access to expensive software. Leica TruView Global makes it easy for anyone in your project eco-system to access, view, analyse and even create markups and collaborate using 3D point cloud data.

  • Share point cloud data via intuitive easy to use interface with no CAD or 3D skills required
  • Virtual, photo-realistic visits to project site from anywhere, anytime
  • No plug-in required, free experience from any browser on any device
  • Secure user login access as an option
  • Users can view, pan, zoom, measure and markup
  • Simple yet effective back-end server administrator tools
  • Advanced, robust and modern back-end technology


Your organisation, your partners, customers, contractors, engineers and everyone who is part of your project ecosystem can access this important, dimensionally correct, photorealistic 3D environment from pretty much anywhere on any device. They can make a virtual visit to the project site anytime and from anywhere. People can access a TruView Global site from a smart phone, an iPad or tablet or from their laptop, desktop or high-end workstation. That means they can make a virtual visit to the project site anytime and from anywhere. There is nothing to install and no cost for any client software. It’s free and easy.

Of course you have complete and secure login control, if you wish, so you can share the data widely yet keep it safe and secure as necessary. Also, there is nothing to learn and nothing to buy. Users just need to get an address and access to the data and the rest is so intuitive, they will be learning, sharing and answering their own questions in no time.

Being able to virtually visit, measure and create markups with notes and links along with other even more advanced linking capabilities provides productivity and supports workflow requirements for a wide range of activities such as facility and asset management, construction process monitoring and change or RFI management, bidding processes, virtual visits without any safety concerns or delays. The possibilities are endless and the value incredible.

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