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Leica iCONnect

Leica iCONnect

Leica iCONnect

Product Description

Connect to the job-site and access information whenever you need

Leica Geosystems iCONnect provides remote access to machines on site, design information, product information, the newest software, and also GNSS reference networks when required. iCONnect is very convenient, simplifying workflows and saving both cost and time. It ultimately increases productivity and work efficiency.

With iCONnect you have remote access to your equipment on site. iCONnect simplifies work processes, saving you time and costs. It allows you to increase productivity and your efficiency significantly. iCONnect includes the product iCON telematics, a cloud based solution aimed to manage machine control and field operations from the office. Easy and convenient.

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