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Leica GR25 GNSS Reference Server

Leica GR25 GNSS Reference Server

Leica GR25 GNSS Reference Server

Product Description

Through Leica Geosystems’ modern ‘Future Proof’ design the GR25 is prepared for today and ready for tomorrow, by allowing upgrade of all the key hardware parts, such as tracking, memory, power and communications

Designed for numerous permanent and semi permanent GNSS network installations and monitoring applications. Including RTK and static networks, single base station, field campaigns, structural monitoring, atmospheric and seismic studies and offshore positioning

GNSS Unlimited Series
Safe investment with the GNSS Unlimited series

  • Future proof – lean back and observe GNSS modernisation with an all-round carefree system solution.
  • The power of Multi-Constellation – GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS. Future signals are all supported providing maximum performance


GNSS Reference Server
The GR25 is more than just a reference receiver; it is a GNSS Reference Server. Just like a data centre server, it has many requirements for reliable operation. For example: backup power supply, redundant data communications, environmental controls, high security and an easy way to monitor and support the system.

Server requirements and Leica GR25 Characteristics:

  • Backup power supplies: Dual external power supply, rechargeable battery + PoE
  • Redundant data communications: Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth or WLAN, slot in communication port
  • Environmental controls: Rack mount kit, bumpers, IP67 including all ports
  • Security devices: Firewall, closed ports, full user Management
  • Easy Monitoring and Support: Event Log, SNMP, Active Assist, support tool


Prepared for today, ready for tomorrow

GNSS Signal Modernisation
With a unique exchangeable measurement engine, you can keep up to date with the latest GNSS signals, without having to exchange the whole server every few years, securing your investment into the future. The GR25 supports a variety of GNSS signals including L1, L2, L5 and supports Galileo tracking including AltBOC as well as BeiDou and QZSS.

Power Management
Intelligent Power Management with four fully configurable power sources, including two external inputs, Power Over Ethernet and a removable internal battery and charger that can provide up 20 hours of data backup or between 10 to 16 hours with communications backup using mobile internet devices.

Flexible Communications
Using the unique slot in communications port a variety of removable devices such as Radio/GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS can be used and all properly managed by the GR25. New devices in the future will be easily integrated into your system, when they become available. Combining mobile phone internet or WLAN via its unique Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) functionality making the GR25 as a universal gateway to connect other devices to the internet.

GNSS Data Storage
The Smart Logging functionality allows up to 12 parallel logging sessions, using MDB, RINEX v2 and v3 and Hatanaka (incl. Zip also). Data rates up to 50Hz are supported, and stored on removable SD card based storage up to 32GB. USB disk support allows storage to external USB flash drives and disks.

The GR25 is a full Ntrip Server (Source), Ntrip Caster and Ntrip Client, allowing an unlimited number of mount points, server and client connections via one single port. The GR25 allows receiving correction data in Ntrip client mode, calculating an RTK fixed position and monitoring the antenna position while continuing to work as a GNSS Reference Server.

Meeting the highest standards
The GR25 is designed for straight-forward, clean and professional installations and offers various mounting options including 19″ IT rack, wall mount, cabinet, tripod and stacking. The ultra low power consumption (3.1watts) and quad power input allow for reliable and long term operation with back up power supplies.

The new Leica RefWorx Onboard Software with a built-in web interface allows the system to be configured via Internet (LAN, WLAN, GPRS, UMTS), USB and Bluetooth. It supports 28 languages and all common web browsers. Initial configuration is made easy with the new screen and keypad or via the RefWorx Web Interface. DHCP and hostname support offer truly plug and play setup – no pre-configuration of the IP address is required. Communication over TCP/IP (LAN/WLAN/WAN/Mobile Internet), USB, Bluetooth or Serial RS232 is possible.

A built in Firewall, default closed ports, comprehensive user administration and detailed event log (including communications) allow secure system administration of the GR25 Reference Server and Services.

Due to its open design the GR25 can be used with many Network RTK software suites using either proprietary or standard common formats. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) support allows the GR25 Reference Server to be easily integrated into existing IT service monitoring applications.


Leica VADASE (Velocity and Displacement Autonomous Solution Engine) provides an in-depth look into fast movements using unique processing algorithms. In real time, accurate high-rate velocity and displacement information of various activities and structures are provided to engineers and researchers for a complete, precise and reliable monitoring solution. Leica VADASE delivers actionable information independent of any GNSS RTK correction service in real time. Displacement events are streamed out or recorded onboard a single stand-alone GNSS receiver, and the user can be notified by email. With this instant information, professionals receive a deeper understanding of how structural movements occur and can take necessary actions to mitigate damages and potentially save lives with:

  • Fully-autonomous, stand-alone receiver – no GNSS RTK correction services needed
  • Instant information on fast relative displacements up to 20 Hz delivered in real time
  • Integration into early warning systems
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