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Leica CloudWorx for SmartPlant Review

Leica CloudWorx for SmartPlant Review


Product Description

Point cloud plug-in for SmartPlant Review

Leica CloudWorx for Intergraph SmartPlant® Review is the first point cloud solution to provide
Intergraph users with the convenience and added value of working with rich as-built laser scan data directly within Intergraph SmartPlant® Review.

High-Definition Surveying or HDS™ (also known as laser scanning) offers the most accurate, complete, cost-effective way to collect and work with as-built information for existing facilities. Intergraph users have long enjoyed the capability to work directly with laser scan data within PDMS using MicroStation-based CloudWorx solutions. Now they can enjoy the same benefits in Intergraph‘s latest design review platform.

Review and visualise in context with the existing environment
Users enjoy a virtual site presence within their native review environment. Project and design teams can review, visualise, and dynamically interact with real world “as-found“ point cloud conditions and a fully-rendered PDS or SmartPlant 3D design model. The result is greater confidence in assessing a
design‘s impact on construction and/or operations.

Powerful point cloud management & measurement
Leica CloudWorx for Intergraph SmartPlant® Review users can quickly navigate and manipulate point cloud data. For any viewpoint, the application automatically selects the best set of data to load, plus it allows users ready access to all data without having to chop up scan data sets into smaller blocks. To quickly navigate to areas of specific interest, users can apply handy “Cutplane Slices and Sections“ and/or spatial “Limit Boxes“ and recall the defined partition on demand. Users can also use SmartPlant Review tools for direct measurement.

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