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Leica CloudWorx for Revit

Leica CloudWorx for Revit


Product Description

Point cloud plug-in for Revit

Leica CloudWorx 1.1 for Revit is a breakthrough plug-in for efficiently using rich as-built point cloud data, captured by laser scanners, directly within Revit for better BIM modelling of existing buildings. This is useful for a wide range of BIM activities including retrofit design, construction and operations, and lifecycle asset management of the building. It provides a virtual visit to the site within Revit with a complete view of the captured reality.

Users take advantage of the familiar Revit interface and tools to shorten the learning curve for working with laser scan data. Leica CloudWorx and its underlying powerful, Leica Cyclone point cloud engine let Revit users efficiently visualise and create BIM models from large point cloud data sets. Users get all the advantages of a high-performance point cloud application directly within Revit.

Features and Benefits

  • Manipulate and navigate large point cloud data sets faster
  • Model walls that are “out-of-plumb”
  • Directly access laser scan data sets using the popular Cyclone project structure
  • Work with point cloud data in Revit from any laser scanner
  • Eliminate time consuming export/import process for Cyclone point cloud data
  • Set Building Levels directly from the point cloud
  • Crop the point cloud using Slices, Sections and Limit Boxes
  • Automatically find center-line and diameter of pipes, round ducts and columns
  • Set up Work Planes from point cloud
  • Place any Revit model item (walls, floors, etc.) from picks in point cloud
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