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Product Description

Support for all of your Measuring Tools and Methods

Flexibility and multi-sensor support makes IMS Map360 both productive and scalable to your agency’s needs as they change and grow. Starting with manual scene measurement entry, all the way up to advanced mobile mapping systems (and everything in between!). IMS Map360 provides a common user experience for a wide  range of sensors, including support for total stations, laser scanning, Disto, GNSS, Leica MultiStations, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, and Pegasus mobile scanning solutions.

Easy Scene-To-Map Productivity
Turn your data into a diagram with ease by using data collection software such as Evidence Recorder or Leica Captivate. With IMS Map360, the data you collected at the scene can be turned into a ready-to-print finished diagram in minutes.

The Power of CAD, Simplified
IMS Map360 is the most precise desktop forensic mapping software available in the world and is the only solution that has an industry leading 3D CAD system built-in. The underlying precision of our engineering-grade CAD engine provides you with a solid foundation to your work that is precise, compelling, and irrefutable.

Simple Sketch or Advanced Mode, You Decide!

IMS Map360 has multiple user interfaces for all skill levels. Our easy-to-use sketch mode is perfect for creating simple scene diagrams in a hurry. Should your project have more demanding needs, you can switch to advanced mode to give yourself access to the tools you need, when you need them.

Wizard for Creating Finished Diagrams
Interactive templates allow you to easily visualise your printed diagram before you print compelling documents.

Orthorectified Aerial Imagery from the Hexagon Imagery Program
Incorporate high-accuracy 30 cm (12”) resolution airborne imagery directly into your drawing by downloading Hexagon Imagery Program (HxIP) data directly from the cloud. (Requires subscription)

Witness Viewpoint Analysis
Corroborating or disproving witness statements about what they could or couldn’t see during the incident is simple using Witness Viewpoint. Just pick a point, add a viewpoint at a specific height above that, and take a look around for yourself in vivid 3D.


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