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iCON Telematics

iCON Telematics

iCON Telematics

Product Description

Remote access to your site and machinery

Save time, speed up work, push your productivity. Leica iCON telematics is a web based suite of tools that allows you to increase the efficiency of your machine control and field operations through remote access.

The iCON telematics services include fast and easy data transfer from office to field, remote support for your machines and field equipment and basic fleet management functionality. iCON telematics seamlessly integrates with your  workflows on construction projects and the Leica iCON solutions, simplifying work processes and enabling significant time and cost savings.


  • Increase machine uptime with remote training and support
  • Save time and money by understanding project status
  • Increase safety with less staff around machines
  • Increase quality and reduce rework by monitoring machine control operations from the office
  • Accessible from anywhere as it is 100% cloud based
  • A solution for everyone on site as it does not require any special trainings


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Leica iCon telematics Sync

Design data for construction sites often need to be updated. Sync offers the possibility to upload the latest design data to your fleet immediately. Manually uploading data via USB stick is no longer required. Data can be transferred remotely in both directions from the field to the office. Remotely validate individual project files on machines in your fleet, ensuring they are up-to-date.

  • Reduces machine visits and decrease downtime
  • Save time and money by avoiding rework
  • Effective handling of support and maintenance by remotely uploading the latest firmware



Leica iCon telematics View

View provides the office manager the ability to remotely view the operator’s screen. View enables remote diagnostic. In case the operator needs help, the off-site supervisor can take action on the machine’s screen via remote access. Support personnel can use this function to provide quick response when the incident occurs

  • Reduce machine down time and maintain productivity
  • Reduce site visits and save time by remotely checking settings on the machine
  • Increase uptime by scheduling operator training by utilising a remote instructor
  • Eliminating distance and save time by remotely monitoring data used on the machine



Leica iCon telematics Track

Track is a fleet management tool which seamlessly integrates within the Leica iCON portfolio. It allows you to monitor the fleet in real time and provide reports. Entry and exits can be monitored for multiple user defined geographical areas. Several reports can be created, such as activity, routing and others filtered by calendar, time, geographical area and machine type.

  • Quick response by use of real time reporting
  • Improve day-to-day operations by tracking results instantaneously and monitor utilisation of equipment
  • Save time and reduce repetitive work by generating on demand reports or create predefined schedules.
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