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Leica iCON iGx3 – 3D System

Leica iCON iGx3 - 3D System

Leica iCON iGx3 – 3D System

Product Description

Intelligent 3D grading solutions

Leica iCON grade iGx3 system for dozers or graders  can dramatically increase machine utilisation, productivity and optimise material usage on any earthmoving and fine-grading contract. It can be used with a wide range of sensors and combines ease-of-use, unrivalled flexibility with powerful and intuitive user interface. The system integrates Leica iCON telematics which enables you easy data transfer from office to machines, remote support and basic fleet management via the iCON telematics website.

The key to the Leica iCON grade iGx3 system lies in our unique PowerSnap™ concept – a single docking station allowing you easy and quick exchange of panels, depending on the job you need to do. Just snap the control panel into place and get to work.

Key Benefits

Increased productivity

  • Maximises your machine utilisation and return-on-investment from day one, by getting right to grade the first time
  • Save time, setup and go in minutes. iCON grade iGx3 system remembers all your settings

Increased flexibility

  • Unique Snap-on & Snap-off capability
  • Easy removal of key components for overnight security.
  • Fully scaleable from basic 2D entry system to full 3D capability. Laser, slope, sonic, GPS and total station control options
  • Simple upgrade step to 3D – buy a 3D-ready panel and upgrade later or rent the GPS/Tracker and 3D software only when you need it

Reduced costs

  • Faster job cycles reduce operating costs
  • Reduce labor costs by reducing or eliminating grade checks

More advantage for increasing productivity:

  • Contact-free control panel – no more connectors or cables
  • Automatic side shift control for motor graders with our unique Tri-Sonic or GNSS/TPS sensors. No more overcuts
  • Create a reference surface with up to four slopes
  • Hold slope feature allows precise crown cuts and extending past breaklines when needed
  • Unique mast-tilt compensation – no more rebenching of the motor grader blade between cut and fine-grading passes
  • Works with many current total stations and GNSS sensors
  • Automatic switch-off of system power when the control panel is removed. Machine specific settings are stored in the docking station
  • iCON telematics services  fully integrated

PowerSnap technology
Leica Geosystems GNSS systems - Leica iCON excavate PowerSnap technology

You want to use your control panel on several machines in your fleet with an easy, quick install? PowerSnap allows simple and fast exchange of the panel between different machines

The patented Snap-on & Snap-off technology from Leica Geosystems allows machine sensors and control panels to be interchanged for rapid reconfiguration of machine control hardware.  Swapping control panels and sensor technology has never been easier and faster – alter machine capabilities as your project needs change.

The benefits

  • System is up and running in no time
  • Rapid interchange of control panels between machines, giving you extra flexibility on site
  • One Cradle for all iCON excavate and iCON grade panels
  • Easy removal of core components for overnight security
  • Contact and cable free connection to control/display panels
  • Safety shut down feature protects system and data
  • Cradle stores machine specific settings such as hydraulic tuning
  • Unique patented Snap on/Snap off capability
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