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Leica GMX902 Monitoring Receivers

Leica GMX902 Monitoring Receivers

Leica GMX902 Monitoring Receivers

Product Description

The Leica GMX902 Series are the first high precision multi-frequency, multi-system GNSS receivers designed specifically for monitoring applications. Sensitive structures, such as bridges, dams, sliding slopes and buildings can be monitored around the clock for the smallest of movements.

There are two models in the GMX902 Series, the GMX902 GG and the GMX902 GNSS. The GMX902 GG provides precise GPS/GLONASS L1/L2 frequency raw data up to 20 Hz. The GMX902 GNSS additionally supports GPS L5 and Galileo L1/E5a/E5b/E5a+b (AltBOC) and data rates up to 50 Hz.

Built for a purpose

The GMX902 Series has been designed and built for real time monitoring applications. The key characteristics of the GMX900 family are very low power consumption (only 1.7W), high quality measurements, simplicity, reliability and durability. The GMX902 Series have a robust water, heat, cold and vibration resistant metal housing that can be easily mounted on various structures.

Integrated Solution
The GMX902 GNSS integrates seamlessly with the Leica GNSS Spider advanced GNSS processing software for coordinate calculation and raw data storage. The Leica GeoMoS or Leica SpiderQC monitoring software provide advanced data analysis and processing, analysis of movements, data archiving, limit checks, messaging and combination with other sensors.

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