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3D Reshaper

3D Reshaper

3D Reshaper

Product Description

If part of your project requires inspection or comparison, and you want a flexible professional software that is easy to use, then the tool you want to use is 3DReshaper.

3d inspection monitoring color mapping

Monitoring / Inspection

Whether the task is monitoring a structure for change over time or comparison to a model, the task is easily done in 3DReshaper. No matter what your inspection or comparison need is 3DReshaper has you covered: 3DReshaper easily inspects or compares clouds, meshes, surfaces or polylines in 2D or 3D.

tunnel profil analysis 3d


Tunnels and shafts present many challenges to those who need to build, modify, or inspect them. Fortunately 3DReshaper has a powerful, easy to use, suite of tools directed at the tunnel engineering and inspection workflow:

  • Remove extraneous data from the inside of the shaft or tunnel
  • Compute 2D or 3D inspection and unroll the resulted color map
  • Create and compare Cross Sections
  • Compute Overbreak and Underbreak volumes
  • Export easy to read reports
concrete floor slope analysis

Slope Analysis

Use the Slope Analysis tool to display slopes on your 3D mesh or your point cloud. Easily createshaded/colored pattern of slope gradients all over your data

concrete floor flatness analysis

Floor Flatness

Process Floor Flatness analysis directly on a point cloud or a mesh. Thanks to a virtual ruler and check the flatness of a parking area, a building floor, a road, etc. Quickly visualize wrong areas thanks to the color mapping, create labels and dedicated reports in a few clicks.

cad reconstruction reverse engineering

CAD Reverse Engineering

When a mesh is not sufficient, you can compute real surfaces to work in another CAD software. From a 3D mesh and a polyline network, 3DReshaper allows you to create real NURBS surfaces so you can export your model to IGES or STEP files.

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