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360 Degree Prisms

360 Degree Prisms

360 Degree Prisms

Product Description

Total stations that use automated target recognition and lock technology are best paired with an omni-directional prism. This type of prism is more convenient for operators because they do not have to constantly align the prism to the instrument.


  • Applicable for long ranges
  • Glass prism targets
  • Available in different sizes and with 5/8″ top thread


In principal, the 360° prism has the same functionality as a round prism – reflecting the incoming EDM signal towards the instrument’s EDM receiver optics. However, instead of a single triple-prism glass assembly, the 360° prism consists of six tightly assembled triple-prism glass bodies. Each body is comparable to a single round prism but with smaller dimensions and with only slightly ground corners. This type of prism provides a continuous and permanent reflection of the EDM signal.

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GRZ4, 360° Prism Suitable for all robotic TPS work performed with a survey pole. Large rubber mountings protect the prism. Overall 3D pointing accuracy of 5.0mm. When aiming on a side marked by a yellow arrow, an accuracy of better than 2.0mm can be achieved. ATR range of 600m (2000ft)


The high performance GRZ122 allows connectivity to the Leica SmartAntenna. The built-in point allows the reflector to be positioned directly on a survey mark, at a height of 78mm. Overall 3D pointing accuracy is 2.0mm. ATR range of 600m



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