senseFly Corridor integration kit
      senseFly Corridor, senseFly Corridor integration kit, UAV Accessories, Survey
      senseFly Corridor is a new platform enhancement that simplifies the drone mapping of linear infrastructure and sites. This integration kit houses the senseFly S.O.D.A. (not included) in a longitudinal, or portrait, position. senseFly Corridor flights meanwhile are planned and managed via a specific corridor mapping ‘mission block’ within senseFly’s eMotion...

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      eBee Radio Tracker
      Radio Tracker, UAV Solution, eBee Radio Tracker,
      If you are planning to fly your eBee in extreme situations, such as those with high winds, in mountainous areas, out of line of sight, or over very large areas, this accessory is a useful final safeguard against unexpected aircraft loss. It comprises a small transmitter that fits snugly next...

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      eBee Camera Protection Kit
      UAV Accessories, eBee Camera, eBee Camera Protection Kit
      This kit is an ideal add-on for customers who regularly fly in sandy or dusty environments. It is compatible with WX and IXUS eBee cameras, fitting snugly inside the eBee’s camera bay to create a physical barrier that prevents dust and dirt from entering. Includes a lens cap, replacement films,...

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      eBee Wing Set
      eBee Wing Set, Wing Set, UAV Solutions
      Set includes a 2 wings (L+R) with carbon alignment rods installed....

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      eBee Battery Charger
      eBee Battery Charger, Charger, UAV Accessories
      For charging eBee batteries. Includes wall adapter....

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      eBee Battery
      eBee Propeller Set (2-pack)
      eBee Propeller Set, eBee Accessories, UAV Accessories
      eBee Propeller Set (2-Pack)...

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      eBee Rubber Bands for Prop (10-pack)
      eBee Rubber Bands for Prop, eBee Rubber Bands,
      eBee Rubber Bands for Prop (10-pack)...