GNSS Positioning

      Leica GS18 T – World’s Fastest GNSS RTK Rover – No Need to Level
      GNSS, Leica GS18 T, RTK Rover, GNSS Survey
      Immune to magnetic disturbances and calibration-free – no need to levelThe Leica GS18 T is the fastest and easiest-to-use GNSS smart antenna and RTK rover because you save time by no longer needing to hold the pole vertical to level the bubble. This latest innovation, with industry-leading technology, combines GNSS...

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      Leica Viva GS16
      Leica Viva GS16, Powerful Antenna, GNSS Smart Antenna, Infinite Possibilities
      The Leica Viva GS16 is the most compact and powerful, self-learning GNSS smart antenna. Working with the leading RTK technology, the Viva GS16 meets the highest standards in measurement excellence with RTKplus and SmartLink. The growing number of signals from an ever increasing satellite constellation demands a GNSS receiver to...

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      Leica Viva GS14
      Leica Viva GS14, GS14, Measuring Tool, Survey
      The Leica Viva GS14 is the most compact and powerful GNSS smart antenna, suited for any measuring task with integrated mobile communications and UHF modem. The Leica Viva GS14 is easy to use with its convenient and integrated design. Working with the leading GNSS RTK technology, the Leica Viva GS14...

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      Leica CS20 Controller
      Leica CS20 Controller, Leica CS20, Data Collectors
      Don’t just see data, experience data.The Leica CS20 controller provides the ultimate in control and convenience with complete mobility. Touch screen technology allows for comfortable and quick data processing while a stunning 3D view transforms your Leica Viva GNSS and Leica Nova scanning experiences.
      • Red Dot award-winning product design
      • Integrated DISTO™ for...

      Leica CS35 Tablet
      Leica CS35 Tablet, CS35 Tablet, Data Collectors
      The Leica CS35’s slim yet robust design and high performance allow you to work comfortably and at speed. Interact with data like never before with the large screen visible in all conditions. Running Windows, the Leica CS35 can fit your entire office into one device with the added bonus of...