Paving Solutions

      Leica PaveSmart 3D system
      Paving Solutions, Leica PaveSmart 3D system, PaveSmart
      Complete 3D stringless paving control solutionReplacing stringlines completely, Leica Geosystems total stations (Robots) or GNSS (GPS) sensors precisely track the machine´s position and elevation. PaveSmart 3D calculates and compares to the design model´s grade and position. Steer and elevation corrections are then sent to the machine controller, regulating the hydraulics...

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      Leica MCP80 3D Machine Control Panel
      Machine Control Panel, Leica MCP80 3D Machine Control Panel, MCP80
      Machine Control panel and docking station for all 3D applications in heavy construction.  The Leica MCP80 machine control panel, together with the intelligent Leica MDS docking station, is the one-for-all machine control hardware solution for applications in heavy construction. All 3D machine control software solutions are compatible with the MCP80 panel....

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      Leica iCON roller
      iCON roller, Paving Solutions,
      Get your compaction jobs done fasterExperience the unique benefits of Leica iCON machine control systems now in your roller with its easy and straightforward visualisation of the compaction process.With the iCON roller, simplicity is key as it helps to monitor and to document the compaction process while at the same...