Software/Data Collectors

      Leica iCON CC80 Tablet
      Leica iCON CC80 Tablet, Leica iCON CC80, Data Collectors
      Rugged, mobile tablet PC with enhanced connectivity and functionality.The Leica iCON CC80 field controller is a lightweight and rugged 7” tablet PC for all construction workers. It combines ruggedness with modern user interface, such as multi-touch technology. The CC80 in combination with iCON site or iCON build construction field software...

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      Leica iCON build Construction Software
      Leica iCON build Construction Software, iCON Software, Data Collectors
      Leica iCON build construction software provides you with unseen versatility and flexibility. It enables you to carry out all positioning related tasks with just one software solution, improving speed, performance and accuracy.Intelligent workflow and applications Improving your performance with intelligent software applications, workflow and an innovative software design, iCON build’s intuitive...

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      Leica iCON site Construction Software
      Leica iCON site Construction Software, Data Collectors, Site Software
      Intelligent workflow and applications Improving your performance with intelligent software applications, workflow and an innovative software design, iCON site’s intuitive user interface provides you with highest accuracy and flexibility for your construction projects....

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      Leica iCON office Data Preparation Software
      iCON office speaks the language of your design data From design to field, the Leica iCON office philosophy is to use the shortest possible path. By working in close cooperation with local and international design software suppliers Leica Geosystems has produced an application that can import and export data formats that...

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      iCON Telematics
      Save time, speed up work, push your productivity. Leica iCON telematics is a web based suite of tools that allows you to increase the efficiency of your machine control and field operations through remote access.The iCON telematics services include fast and easy data transfer from office to field,...

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      Leica iCONstruct
      Leica Geosystems´ iCONstruct portfolio offers you tailor-made hardware and software solutions for all positioning and measuring tasks in road and building construction. Intelligent and easy to use, the customizable solutions enable you to enhance your performance and increase your profitability through perfecting your workflow.The consistent user interface on sensors and...

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      Leica iCONtrol
      Providing you with perfect communication between construction personnel on site and our comprehensive portfolio of machine control solutions.
      • Suitable for small to large sites
      • Reliable and seamless sensor communication
      • Streamlined workflow & data handling

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      Leica iCONnect
      Connect to the job-site and access information whenever you need to.Leica Geosystems iCONnect provides remote access to machines on site, design information, product information, the newest software, and also GNSS reference networks when required. iCONnect is very convenient, simplifying workflows and saving both cost and time. It ultimately increases productivity...