Robotic Total Stations

      Leica iCON iCR80
      iCON iCR80, Leica iCON iCR80 Robotic Total Station
      Achieve more layout points all day every day The Leica iCON iCR80 construction total station keeps its ‘eye’ on only one thing: the user’s target. Layout more points per day thanks to ATRplus, the most robust automated-aiming, lock and re-lock technology in the market. iCR80 is especially useful in congested......

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      Leica iCON iCR70
      Leica ICON iCR70, ICON iCR70
      Super-modern technology for good old-fashioned accuracy.
      Leica Geosystems’ new construction total station, the Leica iCON iCR70, facilitates the move from traditional analogue measurement methods to modern digital layout techniques, which are a necessity within modern BIM processes and achieve the high productivity and accuracies demanded by the building construction...

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      Leica iCON robot 60
      Robotic Total Stations, Leica iCON robot 60, iCON robot 60, Robot 60
      The Leica iCON robot 60 robotic total station perfects one-person construction layout and 3D machine control. Its high performance tracking, innovative lock & find mechanisms and software, simplifying your work on site.The iCON robot 60 robotic total station provides you several unique features to complete your jobs faster, more accurate...