Automatic (Optical)

      Leica NA700 Automatic, Optical Levels
      Leica NA700, Optical Levels, Levelling,
      The toughest optical levels on siteHighest reliability and accuracy at tough jobsites Heavy rain, dusty environment and vibrations from heavy construction machinery do not stop you to work with the Leica NA700 levels. They are especially designed for tough jobsites and feature IP 57 protection, meaning they are dust protected and...

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      Leica NA500 Series Automatic Levels
      Automatic Levels, Leica NA500, Measurements, NA500 Series
      Accurate measurements whatever the conditions.With the many obstructions and uneven surfaces, construction and building sites are full of levelling challenges. To ensure the straightest and safest construction possible, you need a reliable instrument for all your levelling needs....

      Leica NA300 Series Automatic Levels
      Measurement, Leica NA300 Series, Leica NA300 Series Automatic Levels, Automatic Levels,

      Professionals face many obstructions on site. Whatever the levelling challenge, Leica NA300 Series levels overcome.


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      Leica NA2 & NAK2 Automatic, Optical Levels
      Leica NA2, Leica NAK2, Levels, Measurement, Optical Levels, Automatic Levels
      The most accurate optical levels on siteFlexibility that pays off The NA series is designed to be used for all types of surveying tasks. Independent if you have to do routine levelling on construction sites, check or monitor buildings, railways or roads, with the Leica NA levels you always have the...