SVR/LR Fiberglass Rods
      SVR/LR Fiberglass Rods, Rods, Laser Level Accessories
      Imprinted scales for lifetime wear. Positive locking/button system and 5/8 x 11” female prism mounting adapter. Standard Series – 25’ telescoping heights, tenths.
      • LR Level Rod 7.6m (Round)
      • SVR Level Rod 7.6m - 0.5cm
      • SVR Level Rod 7.6m - E-Face
      • SVR Level Rod 5m - E-Face
      • SVR Level Rod 25' - Inches
      • SVR Level Rod 25'...

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      Leica Barcode Rods (For Sprinter Digital Level)
      Leica Barcode Rods, Digital Levels, Accessories
      • GSS111 Dual Face Level Staff - 5m 4 Section - METRIC - w/ Bag and Bubble
      • GSS111-1 Dual Face Level Staff - 16.4ft 4 Section - IMP. - w/ Bag and Bubble
      • GSS113 FIberglass Level Staff - 3m 1 Section - For Sprinter 250M Only

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      Leica Barcode Rods (For DNA Digital Level)
      • GTL4M Fiberglass Telescopic Staff - 4m w/ Bag and Bubble
      • GKNL4M Dual Face Level Staff - 4m 3 Sections - w/ Bag and Bubble
      • GPCL2 Invar Bar Code Rod - 2m
      • GPCL3 Invar Bar Code Rod - 3m
      • GWCL92 Invar Bar Code Rod - 92cm
      • GWCL60 Invar Bar Code Rod - 60cm
      • Wooden Shpping Case -...

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      Instrument Batteries
      Batteries, Accessories, Laser Levels Accessories
      At first glance, chargers and batteries do not seem to be especially important accessories. Perhaps they do not seem worth paying attention to for quality or origin. Experience shows the opposite. Instruments and their electronics react sensitively and need a reliable power supply in all environmental conditions. Batteries and chargers...

      Hultafors Rods
      Hultafors Rods, Laser Levels, Accessories, Rods
      4 Section solid wood core levelling rod. 35mm width with brass fittings.
      • Hultafors 4m Rod Metric/Tenths
      • Hultafors 4m Rod Metric/MM


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      CR Basic Fiberglass Rods
      CR Basic Fiberglass Rods, Rods, Accessories, Laser Levels,
      (CR Series) incorporates versatility. Rectangular shape with rounded back corners provides compatibility with laser sensors and a large, easy-to-read face.
      • CR Level Rod - 5m - E-Face
      • CR Level Rod - 4m - British E-Face
      • CR Level Rod - 4m - E-Face
      • CR Level Rod - 13' - Inches
      • CR Level Rod - 13' -...

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      Aluminium Rods
      Laser Levels Accessories, Laser Level, Aluminium Rods, Rods
      • 5m Econ. Alum. E-Face Rod
      • 7m Econ. Alum. E Face Rod