Pole Accessories

    Pole Adapters
    Pole Accessories, Pole Adapters, Spatial Accessories,
    Due to the use of materials such as carbon and aluminum, the original GNSS poles from Leica Geosystems offer an optimal balance of weight, stability and longevity....

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    Pole Points/Feet
    Pole Points, Spatial Accessories, Pole Feet
    Mostly used for prism poles, bipods, prism pole tripods, and range poles. The original Solid points, and the newer Hex shaped points with replaceable hex tips....

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    SECO Controller Mounts
    SECO Controller Mounts, Pole Accessories, Spatial Accessories
    The streamlined design of these new cradles fit the body of a collector/controller snugly with simple, comfortable locking on the bottom of the cradle....

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    Rod Accessories
    Pole Accessories, Rod Accessories, Spatial Supplies
    • Seco Rod Level 40 Min
    • Seco Heads-Up Rod Level, Handheld
    • Seco Snap-On Rod Level
    • Seco 1Kg Turning Point
    • Seco 2Kg Turning Point

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    Controller Mounts/Straps
    Pole Accessories, Controller Mounts/Straps, Controller Mounts, Controller Straps
    Never before has measurement technology provided such an intuitive experience or simple navigation. Incredibly easy software, instruments you trust, help that is only a click away – these combine to form an all-encompassing solution for your most challenging demands....

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    Bipods, Spatial Accessories, Pole Accessories
    The accessories for reflector poles provide quick setup and stability, as well as availability to mount radio antennas for maximizing range....