Pleiades Reference Station Network

Pleaides Data Corporation is a partnership of several leading Alberta based Geomatics companies operating and supporting over 30 GPS Reference stations throughout Alberta and British Columbia.

Pleiades reference stations continuously stream real time kinematic data and are constantly archiving raw data for post-processing.

Pleiades reference stations allow surveying and mapping professionals the flexibility to:

  • Eliminate the expense of owning, operating and mobilizing a GPS reference station
  • Maintain centimeter level accuracy 40 kilometers from a reference station
  • Post process to centimeter accuracy 100’s of kilometers from a reference station
  • Utilize a fixed, reliable coordinate reference frame based on Provincial survey control monuments
  • Manage multiple subscriptions based on usage

All data provided by Pleiades Data Corp is manufacturer neutral and adheres to open source industry specifications of the RTCM committee and the RINEX convention.


Map of current Pleiades Stations