PixD4Dmapper (Pro vs Discovery)

Which is the difference between Pix4Dmapper Pro and Pix4Dmapper Discovery?

There are the following differences between Pix4Dmapper Pro and Pix4Dmapper Discovery:

 Pix4Dmapper DiscoveryPix4Dmapper Pro
Outputs ExportedIt exports only the:

  • Quality Report.
  • 3D video animation (fly-through).
Video exportedPix4D Logo (obligatory)Pix4D logo (optional)
Only Visualization
  • Point Cloud
  • 3D Textured Mesh
Measurements (distance, area, volume)NoYes
Other limitationsIt cannot generate/visualize/export:

  • Contour lines.
  • Classified Point Clouds.
  • DTM.
  • Indices (the Index Calculator can not be used).
  • DSM and Mosaics (the Mosaic Editor can not be used).
No limitation


For more details on Pix4Mapper Pro and Discovery, please visit Pix4D Mapper support site.