What do I need to know when measuring to reflective tape?

What are the advantages of using reflective tape?

An accurate measurement point can be defined on any surfaces with reflective tapes. With it’s adhesive glue it can be sticked on nearly every surface and will stay there even during harsh environmental conditions for months. Nearly no installation time is needed in compare to traditional prism where screw holes have to be drilled.

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Compared to a measurement on any surface, the measuring time is faster. Its not necessary to remove the reflective tape after a measurement campaign due to it’s low sales price. It stays fix on an object and can be used for any further measurements in future.

Can automatic aiming, target lock and PowerSearch be used with reflective tape?

The following is possible

  • Automatic aiming (ATR) is possible up to a maximum range of 45m
  • Target Lock is not possible
  • PowerSearch is not possible

What is the accuracy of a distance measurement to reflective tapes compared to reflectorless measurements to any surface?

Distance measurements on a reflective tape are for Leica  instruments at least as accurate as measuring on any surface or even better.

The accuracy is depending on the used Instrument

  • TS/TM30 in precise or standard mode: 1mm+1ppm*
  • TS15/TS16: 3mm+2ppm
  • MS50/60: 1mm+1.5ppm
  • TS50/60 & TM50: 1mm+1ppm

* for a measurement distance longer than 10 meter.

What is the maximum recommended deviation from the normal when measuring to reflective tapes?

Above specifications are related to orthogonal target visibility. In field use the maximum recommended deviation from the normal is +/- 30°.

What is the recommended temperature range to work with reflective tapes?

Our tests give a temperature range to work with Adhesive Targets of -40°C till +65°C.

But the glue has to be applied not below +5°C otherwise it is likely the bound between the tape and the glue is not correct therefore the tape does not keep attached to the surface properly.