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Field-to-Office Work Flow with the MultiStation

April 24, 2019 @ 11:00 – 13:00

Please register for the course using the following link.  Note that Spatial Technologies and Leica will manage your invoicing for you.

Please register for ‘ Field-to-Office Work Flow with the MultiStation (5004583)’

This course covers Leica MultiStation scanning principles and best practices along office software workflows. We will overview and simulate field data collection as well as import data into Leica Infinity and prepare it for export to Leica CloudWorx or MultiWorx for AutoCAD. The aim of this course is to provide MultiStation owners with best practices guidelines and experience using CloudWorx tools to draft upon and analyze a point cloud.

Topics covered during the course include the following:

* Discussion of MultiStation scanning/imaging features
* MultiStation scanning principles
* Data Import/Export
* Infinity Scanning and Imaging module overview
* Cleaning, editing and analyzing point clouds in Infinity
* CloudWorx drafting tools
* CloudWorx point cloud analysis tools

Who should attend this training?

This course is suited to customers who are new to the MultiStation point cloud workflows and would like to get the most of their equipment and point cloud software.

Instructor: Gordon DeVillers

Price: US $375.00 / CA $450.00

Please register for ‘ Field-to-Office Work Flow with the MultiStation (5004583)’