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Field-to-Office Work Flow for Civil 3D

April 23, 2019 @ 11:00 – 13:00

Please register for the course using the following link.  Note that Spatial Technologies and Leica will manage your invoicing for you.

Please register for ‘ Field-to-Office Work Flow for Civil 3D (5004590)

This course covers field data collection using feature codes and visible linework in Captivate along with the office work flow performed in Leica Infinity and CAD to support automated plan production. The aim of this course is to help attendees use the Captivate to Infinity to CAD workflow to its full potential. Focus is maintained on the full Field-to-Office work flow. Many ‘Tips & Tricks’ are uncovered.

Topics covered during the course include the following:

* The nuts & bolts of Captivate coding
* Code Table management in Infinity
* Loading the Code List into Infinity
* Using the coding capabilities of Captivate
* New Captivate coding tools
* Coding demonstration
* Exporting the field data to Infinity
* Performing linework QC in Infinity
* Exporting ASCII file from Infinity
* Importing the result to Civil 3D

Who should attend this training?

Field and CAD personnel interested in the benefits and procedures of the Captivate field to office work flow. Those managing the field and office personnel will also benefit in the materials covered.

Instructor: Gordon DeVillers

Price: US $375.00 / CA $450.00

Please register for ‘ Field-to-Office Work Flow for Civil 3D (5004590)