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Digital Leveling

April 17, 2019 @ 11:00 – 13:00

Please register for the course using the following link.  Note that Spatial Technologies and Leica will manage your invoicing for you.

Please register for ‘ Digital Leveling (5004582)’

This course provides an overview of Digital Leveling technology with focus on Field-to-Office workflow.

Topics covered during the course include the following:

* History & Background
* LS10/15 Basics & Comparison
* Check & Adjust
* Importing Data
* Leveling Applications
* Exporting Data
* Infinity Level Processing & Adjustment

Who should attend this training?

Anyone using or managing personnel in the use of digital leveling technology. This would include those new to the use of digital levels and associated software as well as seasoned users.

Instructor: Tim Kerr

Price: US $375.00 / CA $450.00

Please register for ‘ Digital Leveling (5004582)’