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Captivate Road Stakeout

January 29, 2019 @ 11:00 – 13:00
Web Meeting

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Please register for ‘ Captivate Road Stakeout (5004585)’

This course provides instruction on how to convert design alignment files in preparation for stakeout in the latest Leica Captivate Road stakeout application. We will start by looking at some Civil3D design files (simple Alignment and Road Corridor) and how to convert them properly for field use. We will also look at the Captivate Road stakeout application configuration to assure the application is set up properly to maximize your productivity in the field. We will finally look at how to use the application in the field via live demonstration.

Topics covered during the course include the following:

* Export of alignment and corridor data from Civil 3D
* Create Leica Road Job in Captivate
* Create Leica Road Job in Infinity
* Design Job management in Captivate
* Configuration of the Captivate Road Stake application
* Stakeout of a line from the design
* Stakeout of a material layer
* Stakeout of individual points from the Road stakeout application
* Cut sheet report generation from Captivate and Infinity

Who should attend this training?

Anyone involved or interested in alignment staking benefits from this course as well as those managing the field and office personnel involved in this activity.

Instructor: Pierre Labbé

Price: US $375.00 / CA $450.00

Please register for ‘ Captivate Road Stakeout (5004585)’