Current Firmware Versions

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Instrument Current Version
Field Controller:
Leica CS10 & CS15: 5.50
Leica iCON CC50 & CC60: 2.0
NavCom FieldGenius: 6.0.6
Carlson SurvCE: 4.0
Total Stations
Leica TS11/15: 5.50
Leica MultiStation MS50/TS50/TM50: 5.50
Leica TPS1200/TS12/TS30/RX1250T 8.70
Leica Flexline TS02/06/09: 4.00
Leica iCON robot 50: 7.11
Leica Builder 2.03
Leica GS14, GS10 & GS15: 5.50
Leica GPS1200/RX1250x 8.71
Leica iCON gps60: 7.11
HDS Laser Scanners
ScanStation C10: 2.75
ScanStation P20: 1.60
Pacific Crest ADL:  4.01.120
Digital Levels
DNA 03/10  200.4531
Sprinter (100/200/m) 08.08.03
Office Software
Leica Infinity  1.2
Leica Geo Office: 8.30
Leica Cyclone: 8.1.3
Leica CloudWorx for AutoCAD/MicroStation: 5.0.1

Firmware upgrades for Leica instruments require a valid CCP and can be downloaded from Leica MyWorld.

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