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New CGG2013 Geoid / CGVD2013 Released

cgvd2013There is now a new reference standard for heights across Canada. Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) has released the Canadian Geodetic Vertical Datum of 2013 (CGVD2013), which replaces the Canadian Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1928 (CGVD28), which was adopted officially by an Order in Council in 1935.

The CGG2013 geoid for CGVD2013 and installation instructions are now available for Leica Geo Office users as a download from the Spatial DropBox. (Please note that the .zip file contains an .exe file which your browser may warn you about when downloading – it’s perfectly safe to use.)

The PDF, Creating a Geoid Filealso steps though the process of creating a .gem file to use the Geoid on Leica 1200 and Viva field controllers.

For any support inquiries, contact Chris Landvogt at clandvogt@stpg.ca