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Fixed Wing

    senseFly eBee Plus
    eBee Plus Aerial efficiency, photogrammetric accuracy a large coverage photogrammetric mapping system featuring RTK/PPK upgradeability for survey-grade accuracy on demand....

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    senseFly eBee
    The professional mapping drone Use this fully autonomous drone to capture high-resolution aerial photos that you can transform into accurate 2D orthomosaics & 3D models. The eBee can cover up to 2 sq. km in a single flight, and over smaller areas, flying at lower altitudes, it can acquire images with a...

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    senseFly eBee RTK
    Survey-Grade Aerial Mapping Fully autonomous survey grade mapping drone. It features a built-in GNSS receiver and is compatible with most leading brands of base station via it supplied eMotion 2 flight control software and ground modem. The eBee is a standalone solution with Digital Elevation Model accuracy of down 3cm without...

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    eMotion 3
    Drone flight & data management. Reimagined. A drone’s flight management (or ground station) software defines your experience—if this is complicated or confusing, professional drone operation can quickly become a chore. eMotion 3 is different: it’s advanced, scalable software anyone can use...

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    Software for professional drone-based mapping. Pix4Dmapper software automatically converts images taken by hand, by drone, or by plane, and delivers highly precise, georeferenced 2D maps and 3D models. They’re customizable, timely, and compliment a wide range of applications and software....

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    Postflight Terra 3D
    Postflight Terra 3D-EB is a professional photogrammetry software that runs on your desktop computer or laptop. It processes aerial imagery to 2D maps and 3D models with centimeter accuracy with just a couple of clicks. It is also the perfect tool if you want to process drone imagery with traditional photogrammetric...