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Interior Lasers

    Leica Rugby 840 Rotating Laser
    The Leica Rugby 800 Series is the toughest laser in the market today and has the highest environmental standard for water and dust protection (IP68), meaning that it never breaks or has any down-time....

    Leica Rugby 640 Rotating Laser
    Leica Rugby lasers are the toughest rotating lasers suitable for all construction applications with IP67 environmental protection. Level, align and square much quicker than ever before, eliminating costly errors and downtime. Versatility Inside and Outside
    • Fit for any interior and exterior levelling, aligning and squaring application
    • Scan 90 – make layout easier by...

    Leica Roteo 35WMR Rotating Laser
    The Leica Roteo 35 rotating laser impresses everyone with its powerful features and complete set of accessories for every application, especially for interior works. The wall mount bracket allows convenient motorized control of the laser beam height by the combined remote control/detector or by manual adjustment....

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    Leica Roteo 35G Green Rotating Laser
    The Leica Roteo 35G has all the characteristics of the Leica Roteo 35. In addition, it has a green laser beam for better visibility in very bright conditions and over very long distances. The pioneering green laser beam is four times more visible to the human eye. So you have...

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    Leica Roteo 20HV Rotating Laser
    The Leica Roteo 20HV is the ideal rotating laser for basic users. Its easy-to-understand keypad is intuitive to operate. The package includes a complete set of accessories for interior works with remote control, wall mount bracket and target plate....