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Laser Scanners

    Leica ScanStation P40/P30
    Leica P30-P40 Scanner
    The Leica ScanStation P40 / P30 deliver highest quality 3D data and HDR imaging at an extremely fast scan rate of 1 mio points per second at ranges of up to 270 m. Unsurpassed range and angular accuracy paired with low range noise and survey-grade dual-axis compensation form the foundation...

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    Leica ScanStation P16
    Leica P16 -to
    Easy-to-use The Leica ScanStation P16 features an intuitive and user-friendly touch screen interface. The one-touch scan button and wizard style software guarantee an easy workflow and enable a fast data check in the field. Combined with WLAN remote control, the Leica ScanStation P16 can be operated by any handheld device....

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    Leica ScanStation C10
    The Leica ScanStation C10 platform represents the most capabilities and best value packed into a single laser scanner instrument. Users can take advantage of surveyor-friendly, onboard total station-like control or use an external laptop for even more powerful, onsite viewing and data processing.  ...

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    Leica BLK360 Laser Scanner
    Available Spring 2017 The newest innovation in reality capture is here! BLK360 debuted at Autodesk University 2016 in Las Vegas. Take a full 360 degree capture in less than 3 minutes. 360 000 Laser Scan pts/sec with selectable resolution settings Calibrated full spherical image, HDR, LED Flash Less than 3 minutes for full 360° Capture...