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Metrotech Locators

Pioneered by Metrotech thirty years ago – this is the standard method of locating in many industries. Most manufacturers provide left/right indication using a peak/null antenna set. Metrotech product and now the vLoc-9800 uses two horizontal guidance antennas some distance apart. This provides very accurate left/right separation – that, together with an exceptionally high level of sensitivity, produces a crisp, fast, accurate response… and an easier locate.
Download the vLoc 9800 Datasheet


VM-810 & VM-850
Metrotech, one of the original names in Pipe & Cable locating, has been producing the well tried and tested 810/850 for over forty years. The instrument includes a distance sensitive left/right guidance system (pioneered by Metrotech) to provide accurate easy locating. The 810/850 are the locators of choice for many Customers around the world.

The VM-810 (high frequency) is used mainly in the following applications:
Gas & Water Distribution Pipes
Municipal Pipe and Power Location
Contract Locating

The VM-850 (low frequency) is used mainly for:
Pipeline Location
Power Cable Location

Download the VM-810 & VM-850 Brochure