Spatial Technologies Vancouver Team

Keith Belsham – Technical Sales, BC

Keith has been selling and supporting surveying equipment for customers in B.C for over 15 years. He completed a diploma in Geomatics Technology at BCIT in 1996, and worked in the Land Surveying industry. Keith has had extensive training on Leica’s GNSS & Total Station products and enjoys helping customers find the tools that best suit their requirements. Keith is located in the Vancouver Lower Mainland area, and is a Technical Sales Rep as well as the Branch Manager of the Richmond office.

Office: 604-214-9453
Cell: 604-836-4797

Parker Adams – Technical Sales, BC

Parker graduated from the University of Northern British Columbia in 1998 with a BSc in Natural Resource Management. Parker has been selling and supporting British Columbia surveying clients with Leica Geosystems products for 10 years. Before that, Parker spent 5 years working as a surveyor for a construction company and 3 years performing GPS surveys for a consulting company both in Northern British Columbia. Parker knows the territory and the needs of his clients and enjoys being there and readily available to help reach their goals.

Office: 877-252-0070
Cell: 250-961-9664

Victor Russell – Construction and Wholesale Sales

Victor Russell has been selling and supporting users of survey equipment over the past 34 years and is widely known and respected in the industry. He completed his diploma in Geomatics Technology at BCIT in 1975.

His sales focus is on our construction product line as well as the wholesale market. Victor works out of the Vancouver (Richmond) office.

Office: 604-214-9453
Cell: 604-723-7337

Christopher Griffith – Technical Support / Training, Western Canada

Christopher Griffith has a B.S. in Surveying Engineering from Penn State University and is completing an M.Sc.E in Geodesy from University of New Brunswick. He has been working in the construction and engineering industries for 20 years and specializes in GNSS monitoring systems. Christopher has experience as an estimator for excavation and utility contractors as well as land surveying and engineering, and also has a background as both a research and teaching assistant at University of New Brunswick.

Office: 604-214-9453
Cell: 604-833-9453

Dave Lockerby

Dave’s shop, Don Gore Instrument Service, has been located in our Richmond office since June 2010. He graduated from an instrumentation program at BCIT in 1981 and started with Don Gore as a Wild service technician shortly after. Dave has been factory trained on all Leica’s new equipment over the years, and is well respected as the top equipment technician in BC.

Office: 604-273-8094

James Lockerby

James services everything from Leica’s laser levels to our robotic Total Stations. He began as Dave’s apprentice in 2005 and has completed training at Leica’s factory in Heerbrugg, Switzerland.

Office: 604-273-8094

Mike Botic – Inside Sales, BC

Mike Botic completed his diploma in Technology at B.C.I.T. in Sustainable Resource Management in 2012, with a primary focus on environmental community planning. He has gained valuable experience with GIS/GPS mapping while at B.C.I.T. for field navigation, resource planning and management in B.C. in various vegetation and terrain conditions. Using field data collectors in the urban environment to map storm water drains, urban streams, collect tree inventories and more. Mike has over 15 years in customer service experience that he gained in the hospitality industry and looks forward to bringing his experience to help every Spatial Technology customer.

Office: 604-214-9453

Office Locations

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Calgary, Alberta
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Vancouver Office
#10, 3671 Viking Way
Richmond, BC
Phone: (604) 214-9453
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Prince George
Parker Adams
Phone: (250) 961-9664

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