Total Station with integrated GPS The world’s first perfect combination of GPS and TPS systems. This is a high performance total station with powerful GPS receiver. No need for control points, long traverses or resections – just set up SmartStation and let GPS determine the position. You survey easier, quicker and with fewer set ups. […]


TPS 1200 Total Station

Packed with exciting new features, built for speed, accuracy, ease-of-use and reliability, the TPS1200 Total Station carries out even the most complex tasks, better and more efficiently than ever before. And, best of all, it combines perfectly with GPS. TPS1200 as a member of the System 1200, together with GPS1200, integrates the unique X-function; high-precision […]


Leica Builder T

The extremely fast theodolite ! Set angles V display in degrees or as a percentage of inclination Sector “Beep” signals right angles Hz display clockwise or counter-clockwise Checks level positioning with the graphic levelling aid.


Leica Builder 200

Theodolite with Electronic laser distance measurement Advantages of the Builder R Even an inexperienced operator can implement a construction plan or perform a control measurement Electronic distance measurement up to 250M with a visible red laser The clearlly arranged built-in functions “Layout”, “Tie distance” and “Area” reduce work to a minimum


Leica Builder RM

The digital construcion plan Advantages of the Builder RM Receiving and transmitting measured or layout data via digital files increases processing efficiency Read and write errors are eliminated  Data is saved and managed on a PC Designs can be implemented directly from the planning stage optionally, 3rd party software can operate Builder RM remotely using […]


Leica Builder 100

If you need to trust angles and alignments   if you need to trust angles and alignments With a laser plummet for simple and fast setup over control line, dual axis compensation for accurate plumbing, endless drives eliminating steps, audible notice for 90° turns, graphical leveling aid for fast and convenient setup and IP55 rating, […]


Leica FlexLine TS02

Ideal Today, Perfect Tomorrow The ideal Total Station for standard measurement tasks. Designed especially for mid-to-low accuracy applications. It comes complete with a standard set of application software that guides you through your daily work. For more convenience add Bluetooth® wireless technology to connect any data collector and use the Software which best suits your tasks […]

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