Automatic Optical Levels

Leica Jogger 20 / 24

Our most economical Automatic level designed spefically for general construcion applications. A Jogger package includes level, tripod, levelling rod and case. Jogger 20 package $300.00 Jogger 24 package $360.00


Leica Runner 20 / 24

Tough Budget Priced Construction Levels. Leica Runner 20/24 are robust budget priced automatic levels for the construction industry. They are quick to set up, easy to use, accurate with clear bright optics for easy readings. Leica Runner 20/24 are offered as complete leveling packages including a sturdy tripod and a telescopic leveling staff.


Leica 700 Series Levels

Nothing stops a Leica NA700 level. A short drop onto the ground, a fall into water, vibration from heavy machinery – with a Leica NA700 level you just keep on working. No time-consuming checking or readjustment is required.. And the best-in-class optics enable you to always work as precisely as possible even in twilight. What […]


Leica NA2 / NAK2

Precise Levels for all your stringent requirements Leica NA2 and Leica NAK2 are two universal automatic lelves meet all the requirements of precision levelling.


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