Leica iCON CC80

Leica iCON CC80 controller is the world’s thinnest and lightest fully-rugged 7” Windows® tablet. It is built to enable easy, mobile work on-site and increase worker productivity without compromise. Powered by Windows® 8.1 Pro and an Intel® Core i5 processor, Leica iCON CC80 features a long life, user-replaceable battery and a daylight readable multi-touchscreen with […]


Leica Viva TS16

Meet the world’s first self-learning total station. Automatically adjusting to any environmental conditions, the Leica Viva TS16 locks onto your, and only your, target. Regardless of how challenging the task or the amount of distractions in the field, this total stations exceeds your expectations.


Leica Nova TS60

The only total station in the world that offers dedicated precision in the harshest conditions, the Leica Nova TS60 is designed for the highest accuracy down to the sub-millimeter and sub-second. Experience the meaning of perfected precision, maximum accuracy with the Leica Nova TS60.


Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation

Leica Geosystems is pleased to announce Leica Nova and the revolutionary Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation. Leica Nova is a game-changing measurement solution designed to provide users with a complete and seamless workflow. The Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation is the world’s first MultiStation that combines scanning, total station, imaging and GNSS positioning in one instrument to deliver fast and reliable results.


Leica Viva TS15 Robotic Imaging Systems

With Leica Viva TS15 the addition of advanced imaging functionality and the Leica SmartWorx Viva easy-to-use onboard software makes the fastest total station even faster! Leica Viva TS15 adds an advanced image sensor to the already proven total station sensors. With unique capture-sketch-link functionality, total station images can be captured, enhanced with sketching and linked to any point of interest. With tap-turn-measure any remote point can be measured without returning to the total station. Every vision on every scale becomes reality with ease.


Leica Viva TPS1200+ Systems

The new Leica TPS1200+ is our most competitive total station ever. It provides the market’s most accurate reflectorless EDM with the smallest laser dot and measures distances over 1000 meters. Thanks to the new telescope fitted to all Leica TPS1200+ models, the user also benefits from the most accurate measurements to reflectors.


Leica Viva Controllers

Leica Viva contains a unique portfolio of wirelessly connected field controllers. With a complete range of easy-to-use software your work can start immediately and be finished faster then ever before.

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